How to Setup a Custom App with a Custom Tab Icon using Woobox's IFRAMEHOST

1. Create New App

Visit and click the Create New App button. Next type an App Name (This can be anything you want, the name you are going to call your tab would be a good choice), leave App Namespace blank and Web Hosting unchecked, then click Continue.

2. Configure your App

To change your Tab icon, click the edit icon link to upload the icon for your tab.
Next, open the Woobox App Setup Page
Enter your App ID and App Secret on the Woobox App Setup Page and click Save App Settings. This will automatically configure your Facebook app to work on our system.

3. Install your new App to your Pages

After entering your App ID and App Secret, you will be shown an Install Page Tabs button. Your new app can be installed once per Facebook page you admin. Click the Install Page Tabs button to install it onto your pages.
You can manually install your apps later by going to the URL: Replace YOURAPPID with your actual App Id.